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To enhance the development of BPWHK members with seasoned professionals as their mentors and an university female undergraduates as their mentees; to generate more social innovation ideas and action plans for the betterment of Hong Kong; to strengthen the #BalanceForBetter theme of IWD 2019.

Provide affordable solar energy to houses and street in BPW Gharo Village.

Poverty alleviation, provide 500 homes to homeless widows, and poor women, step toward ending poverty.

Create awareness regarding plantation and disposal of waste.

To provide affordable and secured accommodation for girls coming for work from outside city, away from their families.

Create a public place for startup business women
Create a cottage to receive during the day a Grand Mother and her grandson or granddaughter.
Invoking Sustainable Development Goal 16, like a dove, we go to communities as messengers of peace, justice, equality, and humanity, with the goal of raising awareness and reducing violence against women and children.

Increase productivity and job opportunities generated by women entrepreneurs - Reduce gender-specific barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and to women entering and remaining in the workforce.

To introduce and promote the unique specialities, features, and privileges of every chosen profession to women.

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