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dinner@home is a charity tool for changing fundraising projects, starting in 2020 for IG Offenes Davos and "Limitless Hospitality"

To sponsor the education of, and mentor less privileged girls in secondary schools in Abuja.

To acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of women in the business community

To sensitive children between the ages of 7 and 17 on the importance and benefits of recycling.

Increase productivity and job opportunities generated by women entrepreneurs - Reduce gender-specific barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and to women entering and remaining in the workforce.

The project supports Young female leadership especially in businesses where it is "culturally" hampered.

The project focuses on improving the gender gap in the Czech Republic and the Czech Republic factors that have had a negative impact on gender equality in social and working life environment.

Fostering micro women entrepreneurs to buy the other women's products or services.

Dar visibilidade a BPW como PROMOTORA e ORGANIZADORA de eventos de sustentabilidade.

Bild von Pexels auf Pixabay
Amener au moins 500 femmes et filles, associations et coopératives paysannes de la Sanaga maritime à plus d’entrepreunariat et d’autonomie.

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