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dinner@home is a charity tool for changing fundraising projects, starting in 2020 for IG Offenes Davos and "Limitless Hospitality"

Sensibiliser au Centre de Santé de la Promotion Sociale de Ouargaye sur les Mutilation Genitales Feminines

Cette formation a but de sensibiliser les femmes sur les violences qui leurs sont dues surtout celles déjà atteintes de fistule obstétricale
Educating young girls on Gender based violence; SEXUAL HARRASMENT AND ABUSE.

Create a cottage to receive during the day a Grand Mother and her grandson or granddaughter.
Ensure healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages

To inform and empower adolescents on their rights and how to avoid rape.

To showcase our projects to the outside world

Assist the less privileged in settling medical bills

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